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Are you looking to book a day filling activity? We offer several Eat & Play deals that combine our games with dinner in a restaurant nearby. For this offer you will play 1 game Lasersquash and 2 games Laserquest before or after dinner at Thibeau. The Thibeau offer consists of:
  • 1 game Lasersquash
  • 2 games Laserquest
  • You can add a round of Mysticgolf to the offer for € 5,50,- p.p.
  • The dinner will be as described below
  • Free entrance to Holland Casino Nijmegen. Think about the entrancerequirements and the dresscode!
  • Thibeau is situated right next to Laserquest Nijmegen.
  • You can order a grouptaxi at Toonen Reizen BV.
You can find Thibeau’s menu here : menu


Atleast 2 hours (depending of the amount of people) at LaserQuest Nijmegen | ± 2 hours at Thibeau


€ 56,00 p.p


from 8 to 20 people

After playing games at Laserquest during the day it is time to relax and have dinner. Thibeau offers a culinair experience in the middle of the city centre of Nijmegen. It is a green hotspot where they give guests a warm welcome and lovely food. Their kitchen is known for their seasonbound products and brave recipes.

Thibeau offers a 3 course menu, which can be found here : Thibeau Menu

Alle restaurants arrangement bij LaserQuest Nijmegen

Voor hét perfecte dagje uit! Je gaat 2 rondes Lasergamen en eet onbeperkt pannenkoeken.
Bij dit arrangement combineer je een 3 gangen menu bij Thibeau met 1 ronde LaserSquash en twee rondes Lasergamen.
Bij dit arrangement combineer je een diner bij China Delight met 1 ronde LaserSquash en twee spellen Lasergamen.
China Delight | Thibeau | Zorba de Griek