Play 1 game of Laserquest and 1 game of Lasersquash.
Play 1 game of LaserSquash, 1 round MysticGolf and 1 game of LaserQuest.
Play 1 game of Lasersquash combined with 2 games of Laserquest.
Play 1 game of Lasersquash, 1 round MysticGolf and 2 games of LaserQuest.
Reserve our arena for just you and your companions!
On friday and saturdayevenings you can make unlimited use of our games
For the perfect day out! You will play 2 games of Laserquest and eat an unlimited amount of pancakes on a boat.
You will combine a 3 meal course at Thibeau with 1 game Lasersquash and 2 games Laserquest.