“A lightning-fast game that can only be won by the quickest to hit the laser beams with the special squash sticks.”
LaserSquash is the first game that mixes the intensity of sport with the fun of a game. As the laser beams shoot by, tones and other noises ensure that you are transported to another world visually and aurally. In this world, only the law of speed can help you win by getting the highest score possible. LaserSquash is a very intense form of laser game and will ensure you’re done working out as soon as you leave. A study by TNO has proven that LaserSquash fits the “Nederlandse Norm voor Gezond Beweging” and thus applies to the Dutch “Fitnorm”. LaserSquash is a game played in pairs against each other and it’s a nice way to warm up before a game of laser tag. LaserSquash is one of the game offerings.


ca. 30-45 minutes (15 minutes of actual game time)


€ 11,00 p.p.


atleast 2, max 24 people per game (large groups will be split up)