“The most exciting Laser tag where each team with a laser gun tries to defeat the opponent. Great for team building!“
Laser tag is an indoor parlor game also known as laser gaming. It is full of technical features. Each player gets a so-called ‘pack’ and a laser gun. After explaining the game, the game itself is played either individually or in teams against each other. Before that, everyone can think of a nickname that is then considered their alias. The game is then played in the arena. It’s dark and mysterious there, but 100% safe. A strategic, clever but above all entertaining game is then played there. Due to the atmosphere of the arena and the music that plays there, you will find yourself in a Star Wars-like world. After the game, everyone gets a personal score sheet and the winning team is honored. After a short break there is the possibility to play again and to defend the won title.


2 minutes per game


€ 2,50 per game


1 or 2 people at a time