“Golfing in the dark has never been so much fun. Thanks to the black lights and the wall decoration, the world suddenly looks very different. "
MysticGolf is the latest development in indoor glow in the dark minigolf (midgetgolf). Black lights and beautiful fluorescent wall decorations create a mysterious and fantastic experience. There is something for all golf lovers on the 18 fairways. Due to the different obstacles, each hole is a new challenge. You will be accompanied by music and you can move independently from hole to hole. We also offer an app that you can use to record your points. Our MysticGolf is suitable for all players above the age of 4. The golf course can only be reached by using our staircase. We don’t have an elevator. Since our building is not insulated, the MysticGolf course is not heated. Expand your laser tag excursion with a round of MysticGolf.


ca. 60 minutes


€ 9,00 or € 6,50 (for children up to 12 years old)