For children up to and including 15 years, we have put together special arrangements. Come by for an unforgettable time! We have the ideal location to combine, for example, a day of shopping with a children’s party; we entertain the kids while you dive into the center!

Do you, like almost everyone in the Nijmegen area, put on the Laser Game vest at a young age? And do you like to go into battle with a Laser gun in your hand? Then come by to play your first game of LaserQuest. Then come back with your friend’s children’s party for a rematch!

Laser gaming is exciting for everyone and at any age. It is a game where you have to disable your opponents by shooting laser beams from a Laser gun. Are you the best shooter on the team, or do you have to rely on your stamina and fighting spirit? Come by and try one of our different game types! Play with 2 or 3 teams or play a round where everyone is for themselves. Make good use of your ears and eyes in our Laser Game Arena; danger lurks. Feel the tension as you try to conquer the bridge with your team.

Whipped up by the unique music we play in our Arena, you will have an unforgettable experience. Many children’s parties went before you and keep coming back!

After playing no less than 15 minutes in our arena, it’s time to see who the best shooter in Nijmegen is. Everyone receives a personal score form that shows how well you performed during laser gaming.

Afterward, of course, it’s time for a drink and a snack. We have a beautiful industrial bar from which you look directly into the center of Nijmegen. Feast your eyes on the passing people while you enjoy our drinks and snacks. With a wide range of drinks accompanied by a snack platter or a bag of candy and a board game, you will also enjoy yourself with us between the games!

Can’t get enough of our games and want to play as much LaserQuest as possible? Then come by on Fridays and Saturdays and take advantage of our ‘AllYouCanPlay’ action for € 21.00 p.p. and play non-stop between 19:00 and 00:00.

We also offer the possibility to combine our activities with dinner at one of our partners, easy to organize and book via our site! For example, go for the arrangement with China Delight, Thibeau, or the Pancake Boat.

Children's parties

All-In Party

You will play 1 game Lasersquash, 2 games Laserquest, 1 round Mysticgolf and drink unlimited amounts of lemonade.

Laser Party

You will play 1 game Lasersquash, 2 games Laserquest and drink 2 glasses of lemonade.

Mystic Party

You will play 1 game Lasersquash, 1 game Laserquest, 1 round Mysticgolf and get a glass of lemonade.

Budget Party

You will play 1 game Lasersquash, 1 game Laserquest and have a glass of lemonade.

Mini Party

You will play 1 game Lasersquash, 1 round of Mysticgolf and have a glass of lemonade.