Step into our glow in the dark mini-golf for a truly unique and dazzling experience. We harness state-of-the-art technology to illuminate the course and golf balls, making every feature on the track shine bright in the dark. Revel in a challenging golfing encounter surrounded by a mesmerizing and one-of-a-kind ambiance.

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Visit our stunning glow in the dark mini-golf course. Our radiant mini-golf offers an exceptional and thrilling experience you shouldn’t miss. Play a round of glow-golf in the dark, introducing a whole new dimension to the game. With 18 holes, there’s ample challenge for everyone, and it takes roughly 45 minutes for a full round. Perfect for birthday parties, corporate outings, or just a fun evening with friends and family.

Our glow in the dark mini-golf caters to both novices and pros, making for a fun and relaxing activity for all ages. The course is designed with an emphasis on fun, but not without challenge and excitement, ensuring an unforgettable time. Whether with friends, family, or business associates, we’ve got the backdrop for an evening of joy.


  • ± 60 minutes


  • Kids up to 12 years old: € 7.50
  • Adults: € 10.50


  • Unlimited players

Our mini-golf isn’t just an exciting and unique activity; it’s also a healthy outing. Easily located and accessible, right in the city’s heart, our enthusiastic and professional team awaits to ensure you’re set for an unparalleled experience. We believe every visitor should have the time of their lives with us and go above and beyond to ensure it.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience it for yourself! With us, you’ll savor an unforgettable and distinctive golfing experience in the dark. It’s the perfect way to share laughs and joys with loved ones, and we guarantee memories that’ll linger long after your glow-golf round.

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