Student Outing Bubble Ball

Play 1 round of LaserSquash, 1 round of LaserQuest, enjoy 1 hour of Bubbleball, and grab a soda/beer.

Student outing Golf

Play 1 round MysticGolf and drink a soda / draft beer.

Student Outing Extreme

Play 1 game of Lasersquash, 2 games of Laserquest and drink a soda / draft beer.

Unlimited Play

On friday and saturdayevenings you can make unlimited use of our games

Student Outing Basic

Play 1 game Lasersquash, 1 game Laserquest and have a soda / draft beer.

China Delight

For this arrangement you will combine a dinner at China Delight with 1 round of LaserSquash and two rounds of Lasertag.

Student Outing Barrika

Combine a Student Outing Basic with dinner at Barrika.