Arena Private

Arrangement bestaat uit:

The ideal activity for you and your employees. Let us organise your own tournament! You can reserve the arena for just your group to make sure no one else will join. 1 game of Laserquest can have a maximum of 24 players at the same time, keep that in mind while making a reservation. If you have more than 24 employees you are gonna have to reserve the arena for 2 time slots. We guarantee 22 working Laserquest suits. Fun guaranteed! It is also possible to combine reserving our arena with the other games available or one of the eat & play deals we offer. For instance, you could combine reserving the arena with dinner at Thibeau after. Aks us for all the possibilities!


At least ± 45 minutes (15 minutes of actual playing time)


€ 215,00 per laserquest game


Max 24 people. We guarantee 22 working suits.

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Voor hét perfecte dagje uit! Je gaat 2 rondes Lasergamen en eet onbeperkt pannenkoeken.
Bij dit arrangement combineer je een 3 gangen menu bij Thibeau met 1 ronde LaserSquash en twee rondes Lasergamen.
Bij dit arrangement combineer je een diner bij China Delight met 1 ronde LaserSquash en twee spellen Lasergamen.