Student outing Golf

Arrangement bestaat uit:

The ideal deal for students who are looking to combine a beverage with a nice round of MysticGolf. This is for any student living in Nijmegen who comes with a group that meets the requirements. This deal consists of:
  • 1 round MysticGolf
  • 1 soda / draft beer
  • Completely Coronaproof (with your help ofcourse)
Requirements: Only available on tuesday, wednesday and thursday evening after 19:00. Not available on holidays. A minimum of 15 persons is required to make use of this deal. It’s not allowed to combine this deal with other deals we offer. Reservation and payments are done by 1 person. The person that makes the reservation has to have a student card and show us their ID.


± 1 hour


€ 9,00


At least 15

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