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Looking for an activity with your employees, for a bachelor party or birthday party? Or just a fun activity with friends? With our perfect location in the centre of Nijmegen this is easily combined with a day out in the city centre. Come visit us after lunch or after dinner for an exciting activity! Dinner sounds nice? We also offer Eat & Play deals where we work together with restaurants close to us. This is the best deal for the people who can’t get enough of Laserquest. After our regular game of Lasersquash to warm up, you will play two rounds of Laserquest. Want to start with a free for all match and end with a team death match? Anything is possible.


The Extreme Party consists of:

  • 2 games LaserQuest
  • 1 game LaserSquash


  • ± 2 hours


  • €21,95 p.p.


  • At least 6 players

All restaurant packages

China Delight

For this arrangement you will combine a dinner at China Delight with 1 round of LaserSquash and two rounds of Lasertag.


Combine a delicious dinner at Barrika with two rounds of Laser Gaming and 1 round of Laser Squash