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Invite your friends for an adventurous day out. This will be exciting! At our place you and your friends will fight for who is the best at Laserquest. After the battle it is time to make peace on the Pancakeboat. There you will be able to enjoy an unlimited amount of pancakes while the boat sails past the skyline of Nijmegen. You can choose between playing 2 games of Laserquest or playing 1 game of Laserquest and 1 round of Mysticgolf.


Combiticket LaserQuest & Pannenkoekenboot:

  • 2 sessions Laserquest (± 45 minutes)
  • 75 Minute tour with unlimited pancakes included.

Reservations: Combination tickets are only possible to order online and pay through the reservationsystem on the pancakeboat site. Book your ticket in advance to be sure you have a spot on the boat. Please fill in the name and age of the people attending in the comment section under your reservation.


  • ± 4 hours


2 x LaserQuest & 75 Minute tour (upon request, the second round of laser tag can be swapped for a round of MysticGolf)

  • Combiticket adults: € 46,50
  • Combiticket kids 6 t/m 11: € 41,50


  • From 10 up to a maximum of 100 players


  • Your ticket for Laserquest is only valid on the day of the booked 75 Minute tour.
  • There is no extra reservation needed on our website.
  • You will receive an email from Laserquest Nijmegen with a conformation of the date and time you will have to arrive at Laserquest Nijmegen.
  • If needed, multiple groups will be joined together to battle in our arena. If this is needed, we will take age in consideration.
  • For children up to 12 years the Mysticgolf course is only accessible under guidance of an adult.
  • Keep in mind that Laserquest is a sporty activity so it might not be convenient to wear high heels.

All restaurant packages

LaserQuest and Pancake Boat

For the perfect day out! You will play 2 games of Laserquest and eat an unlimited amount of pancakes on a boat.


You will combine a 3 meal course at Thibeau with 1 game Lasersquash and 2 games Laserquest.

China Delight

For this arrangement you will combine a dinner at China Delight with 1 round of LaserSquash and two rounds of Lasertag.


Combine a delicious dinner at Barrika with two rounds of Laser Gaming and 1 round of Laser Squash